Ambush Therapy

If you’re concerned about a loved one and want them to get help, it can be challenging to convince them to speak to a therapist.  You may be tempted to set up a therapy appointment and be dishonest with them about where they’re going.  You may believe that if you can just get them in the door and in front of a therapist that things will get better.

Adoption Tips:

Are you or is someone you know thinking about adopting? It can be a very confusing and emotional process. I’ve been helping folks to adopt for the past 14+ years. I work with the best attorneys in town and I am intimately familiar with how adoption works within the legal system and with the Department of Children &

…but I don’t wanna!

Why don’t we go to the gym more, exercise more or eat healthier?  Why do we avoid unpleasant tasks?  That’s easy – because it’s uncomfortable!  We buy into the lie that it’s “easier” to avoid it than it is to deal with it.  We lie to ourselves and say we’ll do it tomorrow.  Have you ever said that?