Do You Want Help?


Seeking help for a problem can be intimidating or embarrassing. It shouldn’t be.
If you’re reading this, chances are that you want help or want to understand something that is going on in your life.

I believe in helping empower my clients to overcome their problems.

I believe that all of us have an ideal image of who we want to become and how we would like our relationships to be.

Therapy is the process by which we collaboratively work together to identify and correct what’s getting in the way of that goal. Often times, just talking about what’s going on will make you feel much better.

Being validated is very powerful and we will be doing much more than that!

I work with children, teens, families, adults and military veterans on issues from depression to trauma & divorce to adoption. I work with men struggling with identity & sexual addiction, as well as couples who want to improve their relationship. I also provide Christian counseling to individuals, families, and Christian leaders.

Adoption is about helping create families. I enjoy having the opportunity to walk couples through…
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Despite all of the self-help books out there, many people end up just feeling more confused than ever…
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There seems to be a thick manual in seven different languages for just about anything – except kids!…
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Trauma, whether it stems from abuse, combat, and accident or an illness, can be difficult to understand…
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Forensic assessments including intelligence testing, assessment for the purpose of criminal defense…
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Men's Issues
Do you ever feel out of control? Angry beyond reason? Afraid or anxious and you can’t shake it? ….
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Where did my sweet child go and who is this awkward, moody, angry stranger who took over? Yes, teen years…
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Young Adult
The transition from living at home to college or from college into the world of work and relationships can…
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What Our Clients Say


Mike was a voice of reason in our household a few years ago. As a parent, I still utilize the strategies and advice he gave me. Our family is better prepared for the challenges of teenagers transitioning into adulthood. Everything didn’t turn into a storybook ending but I can’t imagine how it might have been if not for what we all learned from Mike Stapleton.


I’ve known Mike for several years and his expertise in helping people navigate through life is only matched by his care for them. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone interested in counseling assistance.


God worked directly through Michael Stapleton’s skill, experience, and sound judgement to bring my wife and I the miracle of adoption. We’ll always be grateful!


I have worked with Mr. Stapleton on multiple cases. He is a no nonsense professional that is very good in his field and cares deeply for his clients. I really appreciate the honest and straight forward approach that Mike uses, and in turn, this makes his reports very credible.